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The Roman Theatre of Verona



Set into the hillside of San Pietro, site of the earliest settlement in Verona, the theatre was erected towards the end of the 1st century BC. During the Middle Ages the ancient structure was used as a quarry for construction material and became buried under newer buildings. The imagination of Renaissance artists like Palladio and Caroto kept its memory alive until its rediscovery in the 19th century in a series of ambitious excavations and reconstructions.
The text offers a trip through time, from Roman days to the present, in a fascinating setting containing an enormous theatre, a church, a convent complex, residential buildings and a museum that offers a stunning view of the city.

  • Anno: 2017
  • Formato: 14x22 cm
  • Pagine: 124
  • Rilegatura: brossura cucita
  • ISBN: 9788883149047
  • Prezzo: 11.5 €